We were recommended to Teresa by a family friend for my moms acute back and hip pain. Teresa took time during the initial visit to listen intently to the symptoms and came up with a well designed plan to help my mother. She explained the causative issue and the effects well. Her technical, medical and bed side manner is top notch. Culturally sensitive and comes directly to the core issue without wasting time. The healing and therapeutic sessions are in a family friendly and well lit

    Jan N.

    My doctor had me switch physical therapists to Teresa Atkinson to treat my intense neck and back pain caused by bulging disks. Teresa and her staff were very thorough in reviewing my MRI and X-rays to properly treat my pain. After just a few sessions I had dramatic reduction in neck and back pain. River Oaks PT treats me and their patients like family and this is not a typical corporate run PT operation. The staff cares about my specific needs and uses a mix of physical therapy exercises,

    Derrick Kwan

    I have been going to Teresa and her team for several months, for multiple issues - scar tissue on the neck, unstable ankle, and lower back problems. No matter whether one has one problem, or several, Teresa and her team are, in my opinion, highly skilled. I really like that they can work on several problems in one visit. My other experiences with physical therapy focused on one problem only. So - lymphedema - one person for that.....ankle problem - one person for that, lower back - one pers


    I have had chronic back problems for years and have been to many physical therapists trying to help heal and prevent future problems, with no success. Once again my back “went out” and I was referred to River Oaks Physical Therapy. I met with Teresa who spent a lot of time with me getting to know the history of my issues. She and her top notch staff worked on me for over two hours, and when I left I walked out with a straight posture and at my normal speed with NO Pain! I was absolutely

    Amy Petro

    Teresa and her team are amazing. Along with exercises, Theresa recommended Gravity Fit, which was designed by NASA to help keep astronauts strong while they are in Space, and it has done wonders! I could tell an immediate difference after using it only once or twice and I continue to strengthen my back and core. Definitely recommend!

    Kayla Denny

    I have had back problems for years and have used several PT facilities in the Houston area. This time I had just arrived from an overseas trip with a pinched nerve in my cervical area and I needed to travel again the following day. I was referred to Teresa Atkinson. Not only did she see me that day but she worked on my neck and finished by taping my back reliving the pain to a degree that allowed me to travel. I have had a few more sessions and I'm pain free now. The staff are very competent

    Teresa Ivo

    I've had years of various treatments and physical therapy for lower back issues, with little progress. Before I had a second back surgery I decided to take my friend's advice and try them out. Teresa and her staff have made huge progress in just a few visits!!! Its a total body and mind experience. They not only made me feel 100% better but explained what was happening, and gave me meaningful advice and tools to avoid having the symptoms (pain) come back. Teresa has decades of experience bu

    Eric G.

    Thanks to the treatment I received from Teresa, I have been able to avoid neck surgery and I no longer have the horrible pains I was living with for too many years. I have been able to increase my activity level and can do many things that I could not do just one year ago. I had already been to several neurosurgeons who either recommended surgery or said they could offer no treatment that would be effective. Another physical therapist helped me with some exercises that did not do much to rel

    Don Meunier, DDS

    I have been seeing Teresa for over 15 years! She has been a fantastic solution for someone who has experienced chronic back pain for so many years. Each treatment is personally tailored to treat the problem area and she has been very successful in aiding me with my chronic condition. She and her staff are highly professional and effective. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

    R. Hernandez

    "Teresa Atkinson completely transformed my life! When I first came to her office in March of 2013 I was facing a spinal problem which left me feeling tired and uncomfortable all the time. I had seen many chiropractors and spinal surgeons who had manipulated me and suggested laser surgery for what MRI’s revealed to be major scoliosis with numerous bulging and a few herniated discs. My posture was, to say the least, absolutely horrendous and I often felt that something just wasn’t right in

    Teresa is beyond amazing, she truly is a healer as you described. She makes getting well so fun and funny, but she is brilliant. I don't think anyone else would have understood my goofy neck/head issues. Thank you, thank you, and thank you for your kind referral

    I have been dealing with chronic back pain since 1998 and ultimately wound up walking with one shoulder lower than the other. I was unaware that I was walking like this way until my wife asked me to look in the mirror. Since I have seen Teresa I am walking upright and no longer slouching to one side. She has truly been a blessing.

    My mother had suggested that I needed a lift in one of my shoes to correct a potential leg length discrepancy so I scheduled an appointment with my family’s chiropractor to have one fitted. Since I am a medical student in Galveston I needed to drive to Houston to see the chiropractor. In what I believe to be fate, the chiropractor called me and cancelled (she was sick and taking the day off) and since I was already on the Houston I wanted to see someone for my problem. My father recommended me

    I always feel comfortable and cared for in her office. Teresa has been able to address every problem I faced with my body with unique manipulation techniques and with her help I have become comfortable in my own body again. Today, I have no back pain, my shoulders are level and my self-esteem is improved because I feel and look like someone my age should!"

    This place is wonderful. My pinched nerve was relieved on the first visit, and friends have commented on my improved posture. The appointments are relaxing; it feels like you are at a spa instead of physical therapy.

    This is the MOST amazing place with expert training in manual physical therapy which surpasses any of my prior experiences with physical therapy. I knew from the first day that I went to therapy that I was in the right place. After having microfracture surgery to grow new cartilage eight years ago, I have not been able to extend my knee properly even after 9 months of physical therapy.

    After getting an infection in my leg in September of 2017 after Hurricane Harvey, I had widespread swelling requiring having the knee drained multiple times. For over three months, I lost all my ability to use my knee and to walk. The MRI revealed I have very little cartilage left. I went through PRP stem cell injections with Dr. Adam Weglein to address the residual swelling as well as to regrow new cartilage. He recommended Atkinson Physical Therapy. Having Teresa Atkinson's expertise has

    She is a wealth of knowledge and knew exactly how to address my flexion and extension difficulties which no one has ever been able to do. I am walking again, and I continue to make the progress that I have desperately wanted. The massage therapist, Sam, is outstanding and has incredible knowledge. His techniques are so unique and helpful in relieving pain. Sophie, and the other rehab specialists, are so knowledgeable and caring. They always take time to address the problems that you are having

    R. Goodwin

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