Why River Oaks Physical Therapy is unique? Our testimonials page only represents a small portion out of our pool of success stories. Visit us on our Google page, our testimonials page and other social media pages for our reviews to check what our thousands of satisfied patients say about us!

We are a leading provider and a specialist of Manual Physical Therapy utilizing McKenzie Method of Mechanical Diagnosis and Treatment and Mulligan concept for abolishing your pain. Manual Physical Therapy, also known as hands-on physical therapy, uses no devices or machines. Instead, therapists use only their hands while performing skilled, specific hands-on techniques for soft tissue work and mobilization/manipulation. 

When performing soft tissue work, therapists apply pressure to the soft tissues of the body, such as the muscles. This pressure can help relax muscles, increase circulation, break up scar tissue, and reduce or eliminate soft tissue inflammation.

Our treatment is effective very quickly, often within 2-3 visits. We will teach you what to do to control and abolish your symptoms when at home and at work.We utilize active, not passive intervention strategies. Our methods are Non-invasive meaning no needles and no scalpel. You will learn lifelong preventative knowledge and skills. You will receive personalized attention from our chief therapist in-charge throughout your treatment time here.  

What are the big benefits for you in choosing us over others? Below are some highlights: We provide Payment Plan for those who need it. Ask us for details.

1. Cost effective care:

We have the extensive education and training to be neuromuscular primary care experts. For the majority of patients’ with movement problems we are the provider of choice. For people with high deductibles, it makes financial sense to pay out of pocket for a comprehensive evaluation and treatment.

Fifty percent of Americans will experience some type of musculoskeletal episode each year. We are a third-party-free alternative for self-pay patients.

2.  Accessibility:

Patients typically have a shorter wait times with us. Most clinical prediction rules state that the sooner the patient is seen the better the outcome.

Let’s face it, you are becoming impatient driving around town, filling out insurance forms wherever they go. The busier you are the less tolerate you become with poor customer service.

3. Transparent Affordable Pricing:

For the self-pay patients we offer fair, simple and transparent prices which is crucial. We eliminate the added administrative costs when submitting claims to insurance companies. No more “We’ll send to insurance and see what they pay” when you know that the charges are coming out of the patient’s pocket.

4. Patient-Practitioners  Relationship:

Imagine a practice where that doesn’t demand your insurance card and ID before they say hello. Imagine a practice where money doesn’t get in the way of you getting to know us.

Taking insurance middlemen out of the equation allows us to present themselves as an emphatic professional who understands the true cost of healthcare.

5. All Patients Are Welcome:

All patients, insured or uninsured, in network or out-of-network are welcome. Patients aren’t rejected because of your insurance carrier. We are free from outside interference to address the circumstances and needs of individual patients.

We strive to satisfy a growing appetite among consumers. Today’s healthcare consumer has become embolden to know what care cost is and are demanding more transparent pricing.

Just like you do in every other area of your purchasing lives you search online, compare, asks your friends before making a wise purchase.

There is a growing intolerance towards the hidden cost of healthcare. We are getting better prepared for the next generation of healthcare consumers. Below is an illustration of the cost.

River Oaks PT


Traditional PT


Cost Per Visit




Number of Visits


Number of Visits


Total Costs


Total Cost


Time Spent with the PT

240 Minutes

Time Spent with the PT (15 per 30 minute visit)


Cost per minute


Cost per minute




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