The 6 most common techniques of massage therapy for pain relief

So you want to get rid of your pain and desperately looking for a solution? Alright, this post contains the most appropriate massage types to liberate you. But before going into detail let us spend a minute to know what massage actually is in therapeutic language.

Massage is the manipulation of soft tissue and muscle using hands, arms, legs, and fingers as tools to decrease your physical pain. Simultaneously the application of such manual therapy aims to reduce stress, tension, anxiety, or depression, and help you lead a sound life.

Being an art of wellbeing, massage therapies have been surviving for thousands of years. Now depending on different sorts of our physical pain, it has taken several versions. God knows whether you are suffering from neck pain, back pain, or hip pain! So we thought to dwell on the most appropriate types for your favor. 

And here we present the specially selected massage types as well as their benefits.


Swedish Massage

This is the most preferable and mainframe massage method in the world. It concentrates on entire relaxation. You will be glad to know this Western therapy’s exclusive bodywork techniques such as Petrissage, Effleurage, Friction, Tapotement. It 

  • utilizes movements like kneads, glides, pinches, tapes, shakes, twists, presses, pulls, and stretches to work on the soft tissue and underlying muscles
  •  releases your toxic waste, cramped muscles promoting circulation
  •  uses long sweeping strokes that significantly reduces your stress
  •  relieves the tightness and muscle pain
  •  energizes through light and rhythmic tapping 
  • improves skin tone &
  •  ensures complete comfort and stimulation for the muscles, the circulatory system, and the endocrine system 


The athletes are in love with Swedish massage as it stimulates their muscles before an event and releases the knots after it. If you knock an egghead therapist due to the whole body pain he or she will certainly suggest this to you!



This classic massage method has tremendous healing capacity. It makes you feel trouble-free. It uses thumbs and fingers to put pressure on the feet, hands, and ears. Animating specific points, zones, and meridians this therapy promotes blood circulation, removes toxins and releases your stress. It comprises – 

  • kneading the foot’s soft fleshy ball
  • tracing around the heel
  • pulling on the toes &
  • punching deep into the vault

You know each foot has more than 7,000 nerve pathways. These flow through the body to the brain and then from the brain to other parts of your body. And being more than a foot rub, this massage utilizes those pathways to relax you. 


Trigger Point Massage

This type of massage is perfect for chronic muscle pain. In other words, the experts call it ‘neuromuscular massage’. First of all, let us clarify what a trigger point is. Look, a trigger point is a tight, uncomfortable, and painful point of the muscle. At the same time, it transmits pain to other parts of the body. It may lead to radiating or migraine pain too. Sometimes it bars you from moving let alone thinking for cheer-up! 

To get rid of such pain, you can certainly opt for the trigger point massage. Although it may cause an ache in the beginning. In that case, inform your therapist. This sort of therapy works deeper than even the Swedish therapy. It gravely directs pressure on the trigger point. Then keep releasing it over and over again! 


Deep-Tissue Massage 

It includes a variety of slow-brief strokes along with heavy pressure. It impacts deep tissues plus the fascia of your body. Using the therapist’s thumbs, forearms, and elbows it aims to release the physical tension and restrictions in the muscle tissue. 

Image Source: University Dermatology Center 

It lets the soft tissue system moves freely and liberates you from the pain. By improving posture and releasing restrictions in the muscle it realigns the structure of the body. Also, it provides a solution to the old restrictions. We have seen hundreds of sportsmen befriending this therapy for their well-being. 



Acupressure is indeed an exemplary method in the massage arena. Thousands of therapy specialists still have been practicing this ancient Chinese model worldwide. During treatment, the therapists use their fingers, palms, elbows, feet, or certain technology to put pressure on the acupoints on the body’s meridians. 

Generally, a session takes about an hour. Being fully clothed you will lie on a soft massage table and the giver will decently press on specific points along the energy meridians. Let’s have a look at its core benefits:

  • It improves your blood circulation
  • simultaneously relaxes the mind and body
  • relieves your stress and physical tension
  • removes the toxins
  • relieves muscle aches and pain
  • emphasizes restoring homeostasis

This type of massage ensures the entire well-being. To have the ultimate benefit you may need to partake in several sessions. The goal of acupressure is to revive the harmony and balance of your body so that you can smile end of the day.


Scalp Massage 

It is an ‘ultra-soothing therapy’ to give you ultimate relaxation. After day-long exhaustion, you might need this when tension is there within the head and neck. During this treatment, the practitioner will massage warm oil throughout the scalp. Depending on various needs he or she may use jojoba oil, olive oil, or even peppermint and rosemary. 

It emphasizes on relaxing the tight muscles of your head that result in sound circulation as well as the refreshment of your mind. The scalp massage – 

  • reduces muscle tension
  • provides a natural solution to migraine and headache
  • balances the nervous system
  • promotes hair growth
  • boosts the blood flow

Who doesn’t prefer natural treatment?! These massage therapies have their roots in ancient cultures. Now we are living in the 21st century, and still, they are beneficial to a large extend. Hopefully, you can well understand how reliable they are!

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