Gravity Fit

River Oaks Physical Therapy & Wellness is excited to introduce a GravityFit program to our patients to enjoy pain free movement, defend against re-injury, build better posture and core strength.


The GravityFit System has been developed from over 30 years of research and innovation. Because it is based on a model of exercise that addresses the fundamentals of how our body works, it is relevant for those in need of rehab, to high-performance athletes looking for an edge and for everyone in-between.

 GravityFit is a system of exercise and rehabilitation designed to assess and strengthen your deep muscles, to protect your spine and joints from injury and pain.


One of the big changes in the way we live is that we no longer do activities that require our bodies to resist Gravity. When we exercise, we often perform activities that are fast and ballistic—or on bikes or in the water—where Gravity is not a factor. We drive rather than walk, we avoid hills and stairs, we sit more than we stand—and we slump on our phones, at our desks and on the couch. Research has shown that the deep muscles that hold our frames strong and stable are triggered by resistance to Gravity. Without it they end up switching off.

The imbalance caused by these muscles switching off leads to many common musculoskeletal problems, particularly in the three curves of our spine and in our joints. By performing specific exercises, in good upright posture with the addition of light resistance to simulate the force of Gravity, we can target, activate and strengthen these muscles.


Most people know that they have one core, but did you know you actually have three? Your three cores support good posture, give your body stability and connect your spine to your head, arms and legs.

THE CERVICAL CORE: supports your neck

THE THORACIC CORE: supports your chest and shoulders

THE LUMBAR CORE: supports your lower back

GravityFit tools and exercises work to ensure the deep muscles in all three cores are working at their best to provide the strength and stability your body needs for pain free movement.

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