Our Practice

For over a decade, River Oaks Physical Therapy & Wellness, has been running a pain relief clinic focused on abolishing spinal and joint pain. River Oaks Physical Therapy & Wellness is a full service concierge practice that focuses on patients every need. We specialize in spine and joints pain treatment such lower and upper back pain, spinal disc issues, neck pain, facial pain, knee pain, hip pain, frozen shoulder and other arthritic issues. We also offer myofascial release and physiotherapy.

We believe that getting out of pain is very important to you and how you are treated when you arrive here is very important to us.

The goal of Physical Therapy is to return the patient to participation in work, family life, sports and other regular activities as soon as possible.

We are committed to excellence in our service. We believe that “the whole is greater the sum of its parts” and that our patients’ particular problems are only one part of an integrated system.

We work directly with physicians, dentists, psychologists, podiatrists, orthopedic surgeons, neurologists and pain doctors. In the last 10 years we began to work with the new specialty of regenerative orthopedic pain physicians.

You may ask yourself what a concierge practice really means.

Well…here it is.

  • Our services are HSA/FSA eligible medical expenses so you could potentially save an average $32.65 per every $100 spent. (Assuming 25% tax bracket and 7.65% Medicare/Social Security Tax).
  • We offer same day appointments
  • Extensive one on one personalized care
  • We are not closed during business hours which mean you can get through by phone and have an appointment during lunch hours.
  • We have a policy of wait time of 10 minutes or less.
  • We help with insurance paperwork.
  • Most importantly, if for any reason your issue can’t be helped by us, we will make an appointment for you with the appropriate Doctor’s office.


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