Physical Therapy & Wellness Houston, TX

River Oaks Physical Therapy & Wellness

2900 Weslayan St Suite 545
Houston, TX 77027
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(281) 940-9423
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(713) 979-8116
River Oaks Physical Therapy & Wellness is located at 2900 Weslayan St, #545, Houston TX 77027. The River Oaks area is situated within 610 loop between downtown and the Galleria; from Buffalo Bayou to San Felipe in the River Oaks/Afton Oaks area. Our patients love the location for it’s convenience and ample parking. We operate our practice in an open clinic system. We believe that treating patients in a white room with paper sheets is ineffective. Having an open environment, where the therapist can see every patient the entire treatment time, makes patients feel much more comfortable and relaxed. We play classical music, have real linens, offer coffee & water to all out patients. We use ultra sound therapy, heat & cold therapy, tens therapy & extensive therapeutic massage therapy along with treatment from the physical therapists.


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